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Friday, 29 April 2011

Ten-Ten [10:10]~

Bismillah Walhamdulillah~

Last two days, I got opportunity to go to Maktabah Andalus. I tried to find something good presents for my ex-sc mates. [ cah+jannah+diya+andi+ana+miya] ^_^

When I arrived, the shops were closed since that time they performed Solat Zohor. As always, congregational. Masya Allah! the good deeds that we have to follow consistantly.

While waiting the shops open, I kept staring at the clocks on the wall. Mostly showed the same time : 10.10. Actually, this phenomena always keep crossing in my mind since I was in primary school. But until now, I still couldn't get the absolutely answer. What the significance of the 10.10? Is it controlled by someone or what?

When I turn home, I did search in Mr. Google.

Here what I got~

It has been suggested that the 10:10 position is used because it resembles a smile.

"I too have heard the 'smile' theory, which makes some sense from the emotional marketing perspective. Equally likely is the fact that most manufacturer's trademarks are just above the center pipe, and having the hands at 10:10 causes your eye to naturally follow to the trough, thus bringing your view right to the trademark." - Tom Frank

2- Time of Abraham Lincoln's death

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln died at 7:22 a.m. on April 15, 1865, although he was shot at 10:15 p.m. on April 14, 1865. Although this has been suggested, I doubt that the position of the hands commemorates the time of Lincoln's assassination or death.

1) Symmetrical Look: When the watch is at 10:10 we get a vertical symmetry in the face of the clock. But we get the same with 9:45 or8:20 or some other time. Then why is it 10:10 ?

2) Smiley Look: When we look at a watch at 10:10, we see as if the watch is smiling. It is better to have a smiling face, rather than having a crying face when the time is at 8:20. Well that is one good reason, since it enlightens peoples mind while looking at the ad.

3) Victory: When the clock is at 10:10, the hands are similar to the letter "v" which symbolises victory. May not be the actual reason, but we can say this as one of the reasons.

4) Abraham Lincoln: Many say that it is due to Abraham Lincoln died at that time and so the watches are showing 10:10. But some say that, Lincoln is shot at night at around 10:15, and died in the next day morning at around 7:22. So this ain't the correct the reason.

5) Visibility: When the hands are at 10:10, we have the makers name and other details (if any) clearly visible when they are placed at above or below the center.

6) First Watch: Some say that first watch is made/completed at that time. But why are most companies adopting it ? and in fact clocks are been around for many 100s of years. So this aint the reason.

7) Hiroshima and Nagasaki Attack: Few say, it is because during that time, first atomic bomb was used and in remembrance of all the victimes, all unused clocks or the clocks which are presented in show-cases have the same time of 10:10. But it seems the practise of 10:10 has been in there from 1920s. So I doubt this also.

What a surprise!! Mostly the answers I found, because it resembles a smiling face. I got no idea then..:D

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