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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

No Title..Sorry..=)

Salam to Ikhwah wal akhawat

This month (August), I will stop for a while in blogging ( seems like I've lots of fans yea..=) bcoz I still have exams..Why? Allah knows the best for me..Alhamdulillah for everythings that Allah had gave for me. And I hope that all of u can pray ( du'aa) for me. Pass the exams with flying colours..InsyaAllah. And one more thing, I had canceled the previous plan.. From staying in Egypt this summer to going back to Malaysia.. I've to take another breath there.. Maybe my breath for this year had gone with my result..Anyway, by meeting with my family, I hope I can rebuilt a new strength to futher my study. InsyaAllah, my flight date is 12 September and i'll return here at 30 October..InsyaAllah. I'm so sorry.. To my friends in Tanta, I didn't meant anything and this decision in very tough to me to make it. 'Ala kulli haal, this is Allah's plan. We plan and Allah plans, but Allah decides everythings..Dont miss any 'kelas tafaqquh' yea..=)Enjoy this summer to add and gain addition knowledge..

Best regards
NourelHousna Ab Bakr

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