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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Umrah Trip~Sharing Experience

Bismillah walhamdulillah.

Praise to Allah for everythings that he granted for us. I'd been give opportunity to join the Umrah trip just after my final 3rd year examination. We depart from Cairo to Jeddah by Egypt Air at 1st July 2010. Alhamdulillah, all things went smoothly.

From Jeddah, we went to Madinah Al Munawwarah by bus. It took about 6 hours journey. We were starting felt nervous to be the guests of Madinah State. The feeling full of sins made us felt worry and anxious. But, that feeling was covered by calmness of Madinah. Such a very beautiful, clean and far from hectic environment. Everyone behave in good manner. It was a wonderful experience for me. Alhamdulillah.

When my first step on the floor just after the main gate, my eyes kept staring at the wonderful view of the mosque. That was the mosque of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spend time there doing da'wah. My heart said : "How luckily I am. Allah allowed me to come here. To visit you here,Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)". I'm speechless at that moment.

Mosque Of Nabawi.Outside view. Although the temperature about 50'C, we still can walking under the 'great umbrella' :D

We also visited the first mosque built by our Prophet Muhammad when he arrived Madinah, Mosque of Quba'. It was stated by our Prophent Muhammad (pbuh),when we took ablutions at home and did 2 rakaat prayer there, we could get the similar reward doing an umrah. Masya Allah, how generous Allah Azzawajalla.

Do you the know the meaning? Try to find it by yourself :D

We just have 3 days at Madinah and most of the time we spend at the mosque. And for me, I'm glad that I can visit my grandfather. How sad I am when we went to Makkah. My beloved grandfather, Allahyarham Omar Bin Othman was buried there. He died in Madinah at 1999 when he came for Hajj. May Allah blessed him and placed him in paradise. Ameen.

Baqi' from outside.

At 3rd July, we leave Madinah. No words can explain the sadness. The journey to Makkah took about 6 hours. We arrived and did the Umrah after midnight and my friends and I decided to stay at Masjidil Haram until morning. The first round we did Umrah, I felt little tiredness especially at Sa'ie. Can we imagine how Siti Hajar running to get some water for her son? It is so difficult actually to make sacrifice like that.

Subhanallah. Kaaba view from 2nd level.

Lots of pegions. Even animal love to stay in Makkah,why not us?? :D

This is what we did at Felda D' Saji at Safwa Tower. :D

The door of Kaaba was opened at 1st Syaaban.
Millions people waiting and said Allahuakbar..Masya Allah.

close up

Last day at noon before we back to Egypt

Thousand thanks to Ustaz Falah & Kak Liyana that bring us to many places. Indeed, there are many implied meanings of this trip of worship. So my friends, the choices are in our hand. Why not umrah is our first priority to do?

Till we meet again Jeddah,InsyaAllah :D

May Allah grant us the best in our life. Aha, before I forget, Insya Allah every year Barokah Travel will do Umrah Trip like this. Just wait the promotion. Make sure you dont missed it. Umrah is obligatory for us!! :D


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sgguh menyentuh hati...

Anonymous said...

" Siapa yang berwuduk dirumahnya kemudian datang ke Masjid Quba` dan bersolat suant didalamnya MAKA bainya pahala UMRAH "

(Riwayat Ibnu Majah dengan Sanad Shahih)