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Friday, 15 May 2009

Virus H1N1

Gempar sedunia.

Virus 'binatang' ini muncul lagi.

Bahkan telah sampai di Malaysia!

Allah..apakah ini balaMu?

Ampunkan dan selamatkanlah kami.

When natures strikes, human being are so terribly affected and worried, but when human being devastates and destroys nature, no one are being worried for its effect. know with the recent health concern, I think it's nature's way to lessen population, and to discipline human being.. So better be careful with our acts, swine virus is just out there, or who knows nature still working for something to maintain the equilibrium in the ecosystem.

1 comment:

nurhidayahsamsuddin said...

smg kt dijauhkan dr musibah ni..